01 Edu System - Company licensed in the IBC of Madeira invests in the education area

What is the core business of you company? Can you describe your activity?

01 Edu System is an EdTech company. Our core business is to help a very large number of young adults around the world to learn digital and technology skills, and provide our world with the high talented creative coders we now need everywhere to recode it better. We achieve this by developing 01 EDU SYSTEM, a Digital platform that makes it possible to identify, select and train an unlimited number of future talents and digital Entrepreneurs; The 01 platform allows to quickly open inclusive schools of higher education in IT.

We start by providing white-brand licences to a selection of clients, and are actually working on school projects all around the world. We are now deploying and opening a network of “ZONE 01” academies and talent agencies with local partners in Europe, Middle East, Africa, south America, and Asia. 

What makes Madeira a good place to invest and center your business?

The Island is like a European satellite near Africa and also an open gate to lusophone countrys and other islands linked with Madeira. Which are main objectives of the inclusive development of 01 Edu System. The natural links with the economic dynamism and the youth of Madeira and the Portugal, and of course the belonging to the European Union have reinforced the conviction of the founders in their choice of location.

At this moment, what conclusions would you take from your investment in Madeira?

We have now been established in Madeira for 2 years, where we have developed our digital platform, with a mixed team of Madeiran talents and other European IT developers. Our current developments in many countries around the world confirm us today in this strategic choice we made, and in our plan to set up an international Zone 01 school in Madeira, open to the best digital talents of our 01 schools network.

How many workers does 01 Talent International currently has in Madeira?

We currently employ 6 madeira talents.

Is there any perspective of increasing such numbers of workers in Madeira?

The second phase of our project includes the development of a second digital platform for career coaching and growth talent, and the opening of an International ZONE 01school in Madeira. This International Collective Intelligence center will allow us to bring in Madeira young students from all the world for a high level training in code, and professionals from international tech company for digital reskiling. To put this in place, we will have to draw on many resources on the island. 

Would you say that Madeira offers more than a beneficial tax regime for international investors?

Madeira is International, easy to access and open to the world. As mentioned above, Madeira's special geographical location and its openness to the world remains a dominant point, placing us at the center of our objectives. The current tax advantage helps us to accelerate our growth and the local establishment of our company in Madeira. But what remains main is the mild and welcoming climate of the island and its inhabitants, its tropical nature and its extraordinary landscapes that are a pleasure to every renewed faith.

Can you refer some of the projects already developed or being currently developed in 01 Talent? Or some of the companies you usually work with?

01 Edu System currently powers 9 schools in Kazakhstan and France. We are working on numerous projects in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Dubai, Cape Verde, France, Italy, Spain, African countries.... and Portugal in Madeira. In all these countries, we build our projects in partnership with local governments, social partners, private tech ecosystems, and large companies like The Founders Forum in England, IUMM and SNCF in France, Honoris in Africa…




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