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09-09-2020 European Commission prolongs Madeira's IBC Regime until 2023 The European Commission has recently announced that several State Aid regimes, some of which woul...

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16-03-2020 Information about SDM's Services during the national alert state... Having in view the prevention measures resulting from infection by “Convid-19” and in accorda...

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18-11-2019 SDM promoted Madeira's IBC at the Web Summit... The number of high-tech companies (ICT’s) operating within the framework of the International B...

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25-10-2019 MAR now accepting electronic certificates A new digital system allowing for the issuing of electronic certificates for crew and vessels......

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09-10-2019 MAR in the top 15 shipping registers of the world... “The International Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) achieved a new level of international......

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25-09-2019 An IT company in Madeira innovates on the Internet of Things... “Originally, we came to Madeira because it is a wonderful place to live and didn’t have big p...

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SDM promoted Madeira's IBC at the Web Summit

The number of high-tech companies (ICT’s) operating within the framework of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBCM) clearly shows that this Portuguese island is a very attractive choice for companies in the areas of telecommunications and e-business.

Nearly 10% of the licensed companies in Madeira’s IBC are already from the ICT sector.

The reduced taxation, the quality of its telecommunications infrastructure and its status as a major hub for fiber optic cables with its geographic location are some of the advantages that turn Madeira into a hotspot for ICT companies.

As part of the promotional programme of the IBCM, SDM is participating in major international technological events, since they generate opportunities to contact and meet companies and start-ups from several countries and different areas of the high-tech world. Recently, SDM participated in the Web Summit which took place in Lisbon, to present the International Business Centre of Madeira, as a golden partner of the stand representing the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

In the last few years, SDM has also promoted the IBCM in other international technological summits with enormous impact, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the Viva Technology in Paris.

The growth of the ICT sector in Madeira also highlights the business-friendly environment which characterizes the island. Such is based on a very competitive framework created by the tax incentives of the IBCM and both the existence of very qualified human resources and efficient management and support services.








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