Industrial Park


The IFTZ is strategically located 8 Km away from the international airport, next to the main commercial port and with an immediate connection to the island’s main motorway, allowing a fast and easy distribution of products.


Madeira's IFTZ Industrial Park


The IFTZ, with a total area of 140 hectares, is strategically located 8 Km away from the island’s international airport and next to the main commercial port, where all loading and unloading of cargo takes place. 

Production, assembling and warehousing operations may set up either on plots which have been carefully prepared and infra-structured for the construction of industrial premises, or in modules of small areas for companies which do not require large spaces to carry out their activity. 

The industrial park has an immediate connection to the island’s main motorway, allowing a fast and easy distribution of products through Madeira, as well as a fast access to the capital city of Madeira, Funchal

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Industrial Park General Infrastructure

Internal infrastructure

The construction of the industrial park began in 1988. Its development was gradual and took into consideration the geomorphology of the terrain. There are currently 78 plots concluded, with areas between 1,000m2 and 28,750m2, representing a grand total of 393,880m2 of infrastructured ground.

The plots are built with layers of mechanically compact soil, allowing a cost effective direct foundations of the buildings.

Each plot has connection boxes to the several different underground networks, namely potable water, sewage, electrical supply system in medium power and telecommunications, as well as a system of rainwater drainage.

The park has also a fire extinguishing network system (made of fire hoses along the roads of the park), a public lighting system, an irrigation network, steam distribution and an internal road system comprising more than 6.6 km of roads, access to plots and sidewalks.

External connections

The IFTZ is served by a water supply public system, a sewage system, a telecommunications digital station and a post office.

The electrical supply system is composed of a 60 kV power cable connected to public substation, situated at the entrance of the park.

A motorway between Funchal and Caniçal assures the road access, with two lanes in each way, resulting in average connection times of approximately 25 minutes.

Operational Aspects

Construction Norms

Companies building their own premises must observe a maximum occupation rate of 50%. On the other hand, the height of the buildings is limited to 10 meters, with the exception of chimneys and other duly justified constructions. The minimum distance between buildings and the limits of the plot is 3 meters. The project must foresee areas for parking spaces, loading and unloading operations inside the plot, according with to type of activity being undertaken. The plot should also be completely fenced.

Car Circulation and Parking

Car circulation and parking must respect the existent road signs. The park offers public parking spaces for employees, clients and suppliers. Vehicle parking along the roads is not allowed.


Electricity - The power supply is made through a medium voltage power cable (6.6 kV). Depending on plot situation, companies may have built and equip a transformation station, in order to reduce voltage to the required tension. The pre-built modules already incorporate low voltage.

Telecommunications - Telecommunications services are secured trough the network of the park, which is available to all operating companies in the market. Such services are made available by local telecom providers.

Potable water supply - The distribution of potable water is S.D.M.'s responsibility. The readings are made on a monthly basis or deemed when necessary or justifiable.

Residue collection - IFTZ has its own solid waste and residues collection system. The invoicing of this service is made quarterly, together with the invoicing of potable water supply, based on a formula which takes into consideration, amongst other factors, water consumption, and the amount of waste produced.

Security Aspects

The park is accessible 24 hours a day. There is a security check at the only entrance of the park, which permanently controls all entries. The barrier access control system is operated by optical cards or by the remote control from the security cabin. The park is integrally fenced and is also equipped with a CCTV system.

There are four emergency accesses, duly signed and the IFTZ has an Internal Emergency Plan that envisages a fast and efficient response in emergency situations, helping to contain any damages or consequences, which may arise from those situations.

Companies installed in the park must develop their own emergency plan according to the risks inherent to their activity and comply with the applicable norms regarding the prevention and control of consequences, in case of a serious accident. They must also adopt and implement the regulatory measures concerning health, safety and hygiene at work, in accordance to their own activities.

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