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05-12-2017 MAR contributes to Portugal's inclusion in Qualship 21 For the first time, vessels under the Portuguese flag have been included in the Qualship 21 Index...

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11-10-2017 Madeira's IBC intensive promotional activity till the end of 2017... In the last quarter of the year, S.D.M. will conduct promotional missions to six more countries t...

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11-10-2017 MAR continues to show a positive growth trend... The continuous and positive growth of companies in the International Business Centre of Madeira i...

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11-10-2017 Licensing of new companies keeps growing Between January and the end of July, 121 new companies were set up within the International Busin...

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23-10-2015 MSC registers vessels in MAR MSC - the Mediterrenean Shipping Company, the second largest shipping company in the world and wh...

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22-09-2015 MAR with better conditions to compete internationally The amendments to the legal framework of the International Shipping Register of Madeira - MAR rec...

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Portugal has been the fastest growing country in the European Innovation Ranking

Portugal has been the fastest growing country among the EU’s 27 members, insofar as innovation is concerned. It now ranks in the 15th position of the Innovation Union Scoreboard, presented in Brussels on the 1st of February 2011.

This ranking evaluates 24 indicators grouped into 8 large categories: human resources; open, excellent and attractive research systems; finance and support; firm investments; linkages & entrepreneurship; intellectual assets; innovators; economic effects. Portugal led the group of “moderately innovative” countries, ahead of Spain and Italy, and has been EU’s most progressive countries in terms of innovation.

Portugal has shown a better result in the indicators “New doctorate graduates per 1000 population aged 25-34”; “SMEs introducing product or process innovations” and “SMEs introducing marketing or organizational innovations“.

According to the European Innovation Scoreboard, top innovation leaders are: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

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