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11-10-2017 MAR continues to show a positive growth trend... The continuous and positive growth of companies in the International Business Centre of Madeira i...

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Yacht registered in MAR highlighted in international magazine

The competitive advantages of the International Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) and the good technical and legal support provided were key aspects for the decision to register Axantha II in Madeira last July. These are, in essence, the conclusions which can be drawn from the conversations held with both owner and legal representative of the yacht.

AxanthaII-1These conversations followed the publication of a four-page report on the Axantha II published on “The SuperYacht Report” last August/September, one of the international publications of greater recognition and quality in the sector.

The report reinforces one of the contributions of MAR for the local and national economy, in particular for the promotion of Madeira’s name and for the international recognition of the Portuguese flag in the shipping world.

According to Nicolas Valin, Director of NEO YACHTING SAS, the company owning the Axantha II, MAR was chosen due to the fact that "Axantha II was built as a commercial yacht with the purpose of developing charter activities in E.U. and international waters. Several different scenarios were analyzed but Madeira offered the best "package": E.U. Flag, a very efficient way of looking at the safety aspects of a commercial yacht, support of a Management Company with a representation in Cannes, as well as the advantages available for crew members (social security and exemption froms income taxes).”

On the other hand, the legal representative of Axantha II stressed that "all initiatives to promote and disseminate the advantages of Madeira are of fundamental importance for the growth of the International Shipping Register of Madeira”. And when these activities culminate in the registration of yachts, such as the AXANTHA II, he adds, “that it is undoubtedly the satisfaction of a work well done. "

From his point of view, "MAR is a highly competitive international register and its tax and operational benefits contribute greatly to attract new vessels, although we are aware that we still have a long way to go and that the potential for growth is huge". He also believes that "the Portuguese flag, with Madeira as a port of registry, has gradually gained its own space in the sector of Yachting and Shipping at the international level, being already recognized as an effective and serious register."

To reinforce this idea, he adds that "the attraction and registration of additional new builds, some just leaving the yard as is the case of AXANTHA II, and technologically equipped with last generation tools, helps to create an image of a register with a modern fleet and with prestige."

About the features, design and construction of Axantha II, the SAS director of NEO YACHTING has characterized the project in the following way: “This is definitely the sign of continuity with the aim of radical improvement. Axantha II is 4 meters longer than the previous model, her hull is more fuel efficient, the crew quarters are more comfortable, the overall circulation on board is easier with larger staircases and corridors. The JFA yard has also done a fantastic job with regards to the quality of build, in particular the paint job and the engine room. The general lines of the yacht and the interior decor are very similar to Axantha.”

The Axantha II, recently delivered to its owner, was designed by Vripack and built by JFA, in Concarneau, Brittany, in France. It measures 43 meters and, between crew members and passengers, it has the capacity to carry 19 people on-board.





Photos Copyright B. Stichlebaut & B. Muncke.

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