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09-09-2020 European Commission prolongs Madeira's IBC Regime until 2023 The European Commission has recently announced that several State Aid regimes, some of which woul...

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16-03-2020 Information about SDM's Services during the national alert state... Having in view the prevention measures resulting from infection by “Convid-19” and in accorda...

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18-11-2019 SDM promoted Madeira's IBC at the Web Summit... The number of high-tech companies (ICT’s) operating within the framework of the International B...

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25-10-2019 MAR now accepting electronic certificates A new digital system allowing for the issuing of electronic certificates for crew and vessels......

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09-10-2019 MAR in the top 15 shipping registers of the world... “The International Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) achieved a new level of international......

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25-09-2019 An IT company in Madeira innovates on the Internet of Things... “Originally, we came to Madeira because it is a wonderful place to live and didn’t have big p...

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TV APP pleased with Madeira as a business location

TV App Agency Madeira IBC Branch

TV APP Agency is a company operating in the International Business Centre of Madeira, whose main activity consists of researching and developing TV and mobile digital applications. Employing already 35 professionals, TV APP has moved, progressing into a bigger, more modern and better-located office space due the growth of his activity in Madeira. This is a company originating from the United Kingdom, which exports mainly to European and North American markets.

As stressed by Andy Eardley, company director, in an interview to SDM's web site, the choice of Madeira was a result of a complete packaged of favourable conditions among which the possibility to easily employ high-tech professionals, the tax and operational advantages offered by the IBC of Madeira and the quality and efficiency of supports services in Madeira.

TV App Agency has moved into a bigger, more modern and better located office space. Can we conclude that this is a consequence of the success you have been having in Madeira?

In short yes, although the main reason we are expanding rapidly is that we serve customers in a market space that is very hot. We design and develop OTT (over the top) video applications, software and products for broadcasters, content owners and telcos all around the world. Following the success of Netflix, everyone wants to offer live and catch up video applications on every screen size and all types of device - Smart TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, set top boxes including Apple TV, Android, Roku, games consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, mobiles and tablets using Apple iOS and Google Android, and for the web. We develop for all of these devices and many more.

At this moment, having invested in Madeira, what conclusions would you take from such investment?

To date, it has been more about investment and expansion rather than return on investment. We have recruited a large number of people for whom this is their first job and it has taken time for them to achieve the productivity of our people in the UK and mainland Portugal. From our side, we are providing what we believe to be one of the best work environments and salaries that in the upper quartile for Madeira.

TV App Agency Madeira IBC Branch

How many workers does TV APP Madeira currently has in Madeira?

35 across project managers, UX / UI designers, software development engineers and test / QA personnel.

Is there any perspective of increasing such numbers of workers in Madeira?

Absolutely. We have lots of space in our new 500m2, Funchal office and are currently actively recruiting for a number of open positions in all of the above disciplines. We also have other locations on mainland Portugal and London, UK.

What main skills or “know how” would someone need to have to potentially work for APP TV?

Project managers need to have a track record in managing fast paced, international software development projects, knowledge of project management tools and ideally over a number of years. UX / UI designers need to know tools such as Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator, using a Mac. Software engineers can have either HTML / CSS / Javascript (classic web development skills), iOS or Android skills. For test and QA personnel, it is about having an eye for detail and an interest in applications. Sometimes we have recruited a junior developer into the QA team and they have progressed into development and even project management. We are interested in receiving CVs from all levels including senior personnel, but relevant experience is essential.

Would you say that Madeira offers more than a beneficial tax regime for international investors? What other aspects would you point out? In short, what makes Madeira a good place to invest and center your business?

For us, tax was not the first consideration. Our decision to set up in Madeira was based on the ability to recruit computer science graduates, that was our key criteria. A beneficial corporation tax regime with long term visibility is of course helpful as it means we have more available money to invest, and as a consistency profitable company we do pay significant taxes based on the number of people that we have on the payroll.

TV App Agency Madeira IBC Branch

Is Madeira and the International Business Centre advantageous for UK companies?

Definitely. As a Company, we are used to London standards (and prices) and Madeira have been exceptional, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive, offering the levels of service which many London based firms would find hard to better.

Can you refer some of the projects already developed or being currently developed in TV APP? Or some of the companies or trademarks you usually work with?

Because we build services for customers, we are generally bound by no publicity clauses preventing us from citing the customer name. It also allows them to prepare the launch of their service without us leaking it first. However, what we can disclose is that our customers are large broadcasters, content owners and telcos in over 15 countries across Europe to the USA and Canada, down to Australia. We have launched 100's of applications and millions of people use apps developed by TV App Agency all over the world.

Our partners are all the leading TV, set top box, games consoles, mobile and tablet devices manufacturers mentioned earlier along with all the major video application ecosystem providers, all the very big names. We also recently signed a partnership agreement with a giant USA telco for them to resell our products and services. We have no shortage of work for the people who can deliver to our customers.




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