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Madeira’s Investment Tax Benefits


Madeira’s Investment Tax Benefits

Madeira is an excellent choice in Europe for international tax planning and investment with reduced corporate income tax rates in a fully supervised and regulated context as well as with full access to the E.U. market.

Madeira offers several tax and operational benefits:

  • Low tax regime, with both reduced direct and indirect taxes;
  • Adequate infrastructures;
  • Competitive operational costs;
  • Local qualified and knowledgeable supporting services;
  • Skilled and multilingual workforce;
  • Safety and quality of life.

Madeira provides investors and tax planners a unique package of benefits, offering a wide range of solutions to various forms of investment and international tax planning. For more information on why Madeira Investment constitutes a wise and sound business decision please visit Why Madeira Investment.

Moreover, Madeira’s tax regime has not only been approved by Portugal but also by the European Union as a fully regulated and supervised business environment, thus adding to its international image of credibility and transparency.

You may find out more information about the operational and low tax aspects of Madeira's IBC by visiting the sections Why Madeira and Tax Advantages respectively, as well as the page Madeira IBC Companies and Business Sectors. There is also varied information on how to invest in Madeira on the section Potential Investors as well as on the type of activities which may set up in Madeira in the following Business Sectors.

All companies setting up in Madeira's IBC, in any of the above investment and business sectors, benefit from a very attractive tax regime, allowing for effective international tax planning solutions, details of which can be found in the following section:


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The IBC of Madeira is managed by S.D.M. - Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira, S.A., which provides full support in the setting up process.  
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