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April 2012
MAR, a safe bet!

Paulo Camacho*

It is assumed that the first experiments of navigation are back to the stone age. In that period, the first boats were mainly used for fishing and travel. In the year 1500 BC the Phoenicians were known to market products at ports of the Mediterranean Sea on their galleys.

With the continents separated by oceans, the need for economic and demographic expansion, the conquest of new lands, trade and simple curiosity to discover our world, inevitably led various civilizations to use the seas and ships became the vehicle used to provide a link between the lands.

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Yacht registered in MAR highlighted in international magazine
The competitive advantages of the International Shipping Register of Madeira (MAR) and the good technical and legal support provided were key aspects for the decision to register Axantha II in Madeira last July. These are, in essence, the conclusions which can be drawn from the conversations held with both owner and legal representative of the yacht in Madeira.

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  * Representative of the Madeira Autonomous Region
    in the Technical Commission of MAR

MAR simplifies procedures
The Portuguese flag has reviewed the procedures of recognition of the certificates of competency of the crew, at management level, on board vessels flying the Portuguese flag, including those registered in MAR - Madeira's International Shipping Register. Read more

Madeira's IBC started its 2012 promotion in France
A total of 14 promotional missions, throughout the European and American continents, are part of the overall programme of international activities S.D.M. will carry out during 2012 to promote the International Business Centre of Madeira. Programme

Portugal restarts negotiations with EC
The Portuguese Government has formalized, through the EU Portuguese Permanent Representation, the request to reopen the process of negotiations with the European Commission in order to change the “ceilings” currently applicable to the taxable income of companies licensed within Madeira's IBC.

Spanish Oil tanker registered in MAR
‘Montesperanza’, a Spanish 274m oil tanker, was registered in the International Shipping Register of Madeira in the beginning of 2012. MAR's new flagship is a last generation vessel recently built in the Samsung Heavy Industries-Geoge Shipyard. Its registration confirms the commitment of both S.D.M. and the Technical Commission to provide MAR with international competitiveness and compliance with all international conventions of the maritime sector.

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